May Newsletter

-May newsletter-


Data Protection

Due to new data protection rules that will shortly be coming in to force we are required to ask everyone to opt in to receive our emails about Titan. If you wish to keep receiving these emails just hit reply with a smiley face or a thumbs up and that will let us know you want us to stay in touch. There will also be a sign up sheet in class if you wish to be added to the email list.

Well done to all our new Titan grades

Promoted to yellow tags

Kieran, Beatrix, Clement,

Promoted to yellow belts

Charlotte, Holly

Promoted to green tags

Carla, Niamh, Nathan

Promoted to green belt


Promoted to blue tags

Bilal, Rosie

Promoted to red tags


Promoted to red belt


Special well done to this months star performer Nathan


Next grading date

The next grading date will be Saturday the 2nd June at 1pm at Craigholme Sports complex. All the details of the student syllabus can be found at Please speak to your instructor about requirements for your next grading.

Titan Tshirts

(Fingers crossed) Spring has arrived with some warmer weather, if students wish to train with their blue Titan t-shirt instead of their full dobock this is no problem. I will be putting in a new order  shortly and t-shirts cost £8 each. The sizes range from 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13, 14-15 and adults S, M & L. To order one just put down your name and size on the order sheet at class.


Parents Taekwondo

We offer classes to parents as well as kids. This is always offered at a discounted rate of £20 per month for unlimited classes. If you want to try out a few classes for free just pop into class and give the sport a shot. We already have a few parents why join in with our classes, why not ask them what to expect from you first class?

Class timetable

We run 3 sessions a week at Criagholme on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings. Our Tuesday class is a technique and grading based class and our Thursday and Saturday classes are general TKD. If you wish to attend more than one class a week there is only a slight increase in fees and it costs £30 per month (£47 for a family membership)

If any student wishes to sit their black belt this December it is a requirement that they attend more than one class per week.

If you currently pay for one class a week and you miss your regular class feel free to drop in to an different class to make up for your missed session