Belt meanings

The Belts and Their Meanings

To help taekwondo beginners in their development a belt system with different colours is used.  The concept is to demonstrate to themselves and their group that they have achieved different stages of development.

White signifies purity, innocence and a new beginning.  New students show openness and trust in the martial art of taekwondo as they    begin their studies.

Yellow represents Earth.  The student’s knowledge can be described as a seed planted in the earth.  Students are at the conceptual stage of their development.

Green represents the growth and life of the plant.  As the plant grows so does the students knowledge of technique and taekwondo.

Blue represents the growth of the plant as it reaches for the sky.  Moreover it represents the infinitely deep nature of the sky and the potential of the student’s development.

Red stands for the sun and its energy that feeds the plants.  It also represents the change from junior to senior grade.

Black signifies experience, wisdom and knowledge.  The opposite and of white and the completion of you foundations in taekwondo.