October Newsletter

-October Newsletter –


Congratulations to all the new Titan grades who passed their grading in September

Yellow tags;




Yellow belt;




Green tags;


Green Belt;



Red belt;



Congratulations to our star performer Harper!

The next grading will be on Saturday the 27th October at 12.15. Full details of the syllabus can be found online at www.titantkd.com

Cancelled class

There will be no classes on Saturday the 20th of October as the facility is unavailable, students are welcome to drop in to our mid week classes to make up for the missed class. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


McMillan coffee morning

Thank you to everyone who supported our MacMillan coffee morning we managed to raise £264.50

Team Titan at the GTA 1-2-1

Well done to Saif who took part in the GTA 1-2-1, this time it was held by RAW Taekwondo in Cumbernauld!

Sparring class

There is now a team training class on Saturdays at 12.15pm after regular classes. This is open to green tags and up and all adults. If you are already on a full membership there is no extra charge for this class, if you pay for one class a week your payment will go from £22 a month to £30 a month.

There is no sparring class on the last Saturday of every month as this is reserved for our monthly gradings.

Adults classes

We have adults classes at Titan TKD so while your kids are training why not join in and give TKD a go! For the month of October parents can try TKD for free, go on you know you want to!

Bring a friend

Remember we are still running our bring a friend promotion! If you introduce a friend to TKD and they sign up you get one month for free!

Change of payment system

As Titan taekwondo continues to grow we are now using a company called Ashborne who will collect payments via direct debit rather than standing order and also help with the communication and management of classes. I will be asking people to change over payments from standing orders to the new direct debit system, please continue to pay for classes as normal until I speak to you in class to explain the process. The cost of the classes are not going to change.