August Newsletter

-August Newsletter –

Congratulations to all the new Titan grades who passed their grading in July

Yellow tags;

Owen Runciman

Stella Primrose

Layla Primrose

Rory Aitken

Cian McKay

Yellow belt

Adam Haq

Blue belt;

Romy Summers

Red tags;

Luke Glen

Congratulations to our star performer Luke !

The next grading will be on Saturday the 25th Aug at 12.15. Full details of the syllabus can be found online at


Change of payment system

As Titan taekwondo continues to grow we are now using a company called Ashborne who will collect payments via direct debit rather than standing order and also help with the communication and management of classes. I will be asking people to change over payments from standing orders to the new direct debit system, please continue to pay for classes as normal until I speak to you in class to explain the process. The cost of the classes are not going to change.

Next event

The next competition for Titan TKD will be on Sunday the 12th Aug at Craigholme sports centre from 9.30 – 2pm. The competition will include sparring, poomsae and breaking and costs 15pp to enter as many divisions as you wish. If you would like to enter please register with your instructor in class.



Changes in class times on Saturdays from July

Our class times on a Saturday have changed slightly from July. As we now have access to the full hall for part of the time on Saturdays we have changed the class times to provide a more efficient class schedule and it will also allow us to trial a specific sparring class for the first time.

The new class times are as follows


9.45-10.15          Tot kwon do

10.15-11.15        Beginner

11.15-12.15        Intermediate and Advanced

12.15-1.15          Sparring class

Our mid week classes remain the same


6pm-7pm            Grading class


6pm – 7pm          Taekwondo for all

However the last Saturday of every month will always be our monthly grading instead of the sparring class. We are going to trial this format for 2 months to see if there is demand for a sparring specific class.

Currently we offer a one class a week option for students at £22 a month or £37 two kids. From July we will no longer offer this to new students joining the club, if you are currently paying this and do not wish to add any additional classes (midweek or sparring) there will be no change to your fees.

If you currently pay for one session a week and wish to attend our new sparring class the cost would increase from £22 a month to £30 a month. If you use a family membership the cost increases from £37 a month to £47 a month for 2 children.

If you have any questions just speak to your instructor in class