March Newsletter

-March 2018 Newsletter-

Colour belt grading

The next grading for colour belts is on Saturday the 24th March at 11.30. Details of grading requirements can be found online at students are required to know all components before moving to the next grade.

Star Performer

Star performers for December and February are Rayyan and Harper, well done!



Our next Competition  

The next competition for the club will be on Sunday the 18th March at Caledonian Health and Fitness Centre. There will be Patterns and sparring. The event will cost £15 to enter and covers all divisions. To enter just speak to your instructor.

Grading results February

Congratulations to all our new grades


Yellow tags: Harris Cowan, Adam Haq

Green tags: Yvonne Stewart, Harrison Martin

Blue belt: Olly Lee Barron, Ivy Lee Barron, Harper Stewart Henderson, Hamish Nelson

Red tags: Olivia Mcleary


Extra classes

We run classes on a Tuesday and Thursday between 6-7 and on Saturday mornings at Craigholme sports Complex. Advanced students are advised to attend more than one class if they wish to sit their black belt within the year. The cost for attending more than one class a week is £30 per month.