Grading results 3rd September  

It was a bumper grading on Saturday, great so see so many Titans with new grades! 
Yellow tags 
Adam Ritchie

Connie Ryan 

Romy Summers 

Keir Park

Olivia Mcleary 

Elliot Mclearly 
Yellow belt

Hamish Nelson 

Ameer Memon 

Muneeb Shah

Martha Kamugasa
Green tags 

Bilal Memon 

Thomas Richardson 
Green belt 


Haseeb Shah 

Astrid Wales 

Olly Lee Barron 

Ivy Lee Barron 
Blue tags 

Rayyan Muhammad 

Luke Glen 

Adeena Shafi 

Ishaan Joshi 
Blue belt 

Rahim Ali 

Thea Glen 

Archie Bowen Gray 
Red tags 

Daniel Carroll 
Red belt 

Luke Carroll 
Black tags 

Flynn Bowen Gray 


Special well done to the star performer Thea!